To cope with the rapid growth of telecommunication market, fiber optics is widely used in telecommunication network. Since the development of Fiber Optic application in 70's, optical cable is going popular as a reliable media for interconnection. ZT Optics is to establish to address the demand on this ever demanding telecommunication network industry. With more than 15 years experience servicing Fiber Optic Industry worldwide, ZT Optics is one of the best known and reliable solution partners in the field.

With production facilities in Jiangsu province (near Shanghai) and Shenzhen (near Hong Kong), we are offering cost competitive solution to our customers. Strategic manufacturing location provided advantages to our cost control, quality assurance and product management. Our management systems are ISO 9001 certified so that customers are peace in mind. Products are guarantee with premium quality while very affordable in price.

With the technologies improving rapidly and continuously, ZT Optics design, manufacture and supply innovative fiber optic cable and accessories with unique engineering technologies. It is the core factor for ZT Optics to be highly appreciated by customers as all products are well made to fit exactly the application need for each different projects and requirements.

Our employee is all well trained with professional experience in fiber optic network deployment. Most of them are university educated with Bachelor or Master degree. Solutions, products and services provided meet and exceed customers' expectation and requirement.


Mission Statement
To provide innovative technology fiber optic product with premium quality and reasonable price in order to improve our living environment that bring us quality for life.

To become the leader in fiber optic industry in Asia and meet our customers need with highest satisfaction & demanding standard.


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